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  1. 4 hospitals hit with price transparency fines: 3 things to know

    CMS has fined four additional hospitals for alleged price transparency violations.
  2. 9 things physicians wish patients knew about prior authorization

    Prior authorization can often be a major hassle for physicians, administrators and patients trying to get needed medical procedures or prescriptions. 
  3. California suit over who can be called 'doctor' faces opposition 

    An amicus brief filed Sept. 6 by the California Medical Association and the American Medical Association states that licensed allopathic and osteopathic physicians in California should be the only practitioners allowed to use the title "Dr."

The art of simplicity: How to streamline patient access and reduce staff burden?

Patients are demanding simpler care experiences. See how leading systems are meeting this expectation — while also reducing staff burden — here. 
  1. Average salary of the fastest-growing physician specialties

    Psychiatry is the fastest-growing physician specialty, and the average annual salary in the field is $247,350.
  2. Orlando Health taps chief nursing officer

    Orlando (Fla.) Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital has named Heather Moynihan, BSN, as its associate chief nursing officer. 
  3. Hospital worker to repay $170K after selling stolen medical equipment 

    Denis Tkachuk, who previously worked at hospitals in Washington state, was sentenced to three years of probation for stealing and selling more than $108,000 in medical supplies. 
  4. The 10 most, least vaccinated states

    Some states are better than others at vaccinating their populations, with Massachusetts topping the list of the most vaccinated places. 

Managing Patient Throughput with AI: Unlocking Capacity

Managing patient throughput shouldn't still be a struggle in 2022. See how modern hospitals are cutting time to admission here.
  1. White House urged to establish a national patient safety team

    The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology is urging the White House to establish federal leadership focused on patient safety in its most recent report to President Joe Biden.
  2. Hawaii governor announces $30M in loan repayment for healthcare workers

    Hawaii Gov. Josh Green, MD, has announced $30 million in loan repayment for healthcare workers.
  3. Penn Medicine names inaugural director for LGBTQ+ health

    Kevin Kline, MD, has been appointed the inaugural medical director for LGBTQ+ health at Penn Medicine.
  4. Noncompetes by state: 23 things for physicians to know

    Amid growing discontent among physicians on noncompete agreements, which prohibit clinicians from joining a competing practice or setting up their own within a particular distance from their previous practice for a certain period of time, many states have amended their regulations.

2 tech leaders on Orlando VA Medical Center's path to innovation

Don't force patients to navigate "hospital labyrinths" alone. See how Orlando VA Medical Center aims to reduce late appointments via a major wayfinding project here.
  1. Nurse practitioner workforce expected to nearly double by 2032

    The number of nurse practitioners is expected to increase 44.5 percent by 2032, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational employment statistics survey.
  2. The benefits, challenges for traveling healthcare professionals

    The COVID-19 pandemic expanded the popularity of "traveling" healthcare jobs, with 73 percent having worked as travelers for less than five years. 
  3. What is the worst city for physicians to retire in?

    Stockton, Calif., is the worst city to retire in, according to recent data from WalletHub.
  4. What is the best city for physicians to retire in?

    Tampa, Fla., is the best city to retire in, according to recent data from WalletHub.
  5. Charles B. Wang Community Health Center appoints new chief medical officer

    Hyoseong Nuna Kim, MD, has been appointed chief medical officer of Charles B. Wang Community Health Center in New York City, QNS reported Sept. 7.
  6. Medical schools with the most graduates practicing in underserved areas

    Here are the top 10 medical schools with the most graduates practicing in underserved areas, according to U.S. News and World Report:
  7. The advice physicians would give their younger selves

    Eighteen physicians recently joined Becker's to share the advice they would give their younger selves.
  8. The fastest-growing physician specialties

    The number of employed psychiatrists is projected to increase by 6.7 percent by 2032, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational employment statistics survey.
  9. 9 best health systems to work for in 2023

    Fortune and Great Place to Work released their annual list of the "Best Workplaces in Health Care" on Sept. 6, with nine health systems making the list.

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