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  1. Dignity Health taps physician as market president

    San Francisco-based Dignity Health named Christina "Tina" Johnson, MD, as president of its Sacramento (Calif.) market.
  2. The necessity of physician leadership: Q&A with AMA's new president-elect

    Bobby Mukkamala, MD, an otolaryngologist from Flint, Mich., who was recently named president-elect of the American Medical Association, joined Becker's to discuss the importance of physician leadership and his vision as an AMA leader.  
  3. The dire state of physician pay: AMA's president-elect on the need for reform

    The American Medical Association named Bobby Mukkamala, MD, an otolaryngologist from Flint, Mich., president-elect.

The art of simplicity: How to streamline patient access and reduce staff burden?

Patients are demanding simpler care experiences. See how leading systems are meeting this expectation — while also reducing staff burden — here. 
  1. Physician pay vs. living wage in all 50 states

    The average annual salary for physicians surpasses the living wage in the majority of states, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here is how the states and Washington, D.C., stack up.
  2. Today's 'ever-changing' physician

    As disruptors have entered the healthcare market and technology has advanced, the role of the physician is not so easily defined. Physicians at the core are healers, but their role in the industry has changed in many ways over the past five years.
  3. Surgeons most likely to have behavior flagged: Study

    Surgeons are the most likely physician specialists to be reported for unprofessional behavior, according to a June study published in JAMA Network Open. 
  4. What all new physicians need to know

    From focusing on collaboration to an evolving healthcare workforce, seven physicians joined Becker's to discuss what new physicians need to know.

Managing Patient Throughput with AI: Unlocking Capacity

Managing patient throughput shouldn't still be a struggle in 2022. See how modern hospitals are cutting time to admission here.
  1. The new role of physician

    The field of healthcare has undergone massive changes in recent years, such as clinical protocols, care delivery or technology-assisted care. What has this meant for physicians?
  2. Heartland Whole Health Institute names chief medical officer

    Heartland Whole Health Institute, which is affiliated with Bentonville, Ark.-based Alice L. Walton School of Medicine, appointed John Findley, MD, as its chief medical officer. 
  3. Physician- vs. hospital-owned settings: 10 notes on pay, autonomy & employment 

    Here are 10 key notes on physician- and hospital-owned settings for pay, autonomy and employment numbers:
  4. Where physicians are losing money

    In the last year, 18% of physicians have made a bad investment, according to Medscapre's "Physician Wealth and Debt Report" published June 12. 

2 tech leaders on Orlando VA Medical Center's path to innovation

Don't force patients to navigate "hospital labyrinths" alone. See how Orlando VA Medical Center aims to reduce late appointments via a major wayfinding project here.
  1. New Oregon nurse staffing law leads to outcry

    A law requiring stricter nurse and certified nursing assistant staffing ratios at hospitals in Oregon has led to "hundreds" of complaints with the state's healthcare agency, ABC affiliate KATU reported June 12. 
  2. The healthcare issue that brought 2 physicians in front of the Senate

    Two physicians recently joined two dentists in testifying before a U.S. Senate Committee about a growing healthcare issue.
  3. 5 things to know about the departure from private practice

    Is time running out for private practice physicians? As the number of physicians practicing independently shrinks, the industry is seeing the effects of this trend in 2024.  
  4. Former physician pleads guilty in $2.3M 'pill mill' scheme

    A former Alabama physician pleaded guilty in federal court alongside her wife for her role in a $2.3 million fraud scheme involving illegal opioid prescription, reported June 10.
  5. 20 medical specialties top list of occupations with highest median pay

    The 20 occupations with the highest median annual pay in the U.S. are all in the healthcare industry, according to 2023 median pay data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most recently updated April 17. 
  6. Meet AMA's new president-elect 

    Bobby Mukkamala, MD, an otolaryngologist from Flint, Mich., has been named president-elect of the American Medical Association. 
  7. PA compensation up $9K in 2024

    Average physician assistant compensation is up $9,000 in 2024, according to Medscape's 2024 "Physician Assistant Compensation Report," published June 7. 
  8. 5 ways to fix rural healthcare: AMA

    Declining physician pay and administrative burdens are worsening the rural healthcare crisis, according to a June 6 article on the American Medical Association website.
  9. The physicians leading the US' top 10 medical schools

    Here are the physicians leading the U.S.' top 10 medical schools in 2024, as ranked by the U.S. Career Institute, an online career training platform: 

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