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  1. 3 ways to minimize physician burnout 

    In "Back From Burnout: Confronting the Post-pandemic Physician Turnover Crisis," an October report from the Medical Group Management Association and Jackson Physician Search, Jessica Dudley, MD, chief clinical officer of Press Ganey, was interviewed on her tips to minimize burnout. 
  2. Cardiac tech company appoints Dr. Peter Fitzgerald as chief medical officer

    Cardiac technology company HeartBeam has named Peter Fitzgerald, MD, as its chief medical officer. 
  3. IconOVir names Dr. Julia Maltzman chief medical officer

    Oncology company IconOVir has appointed Julia Maltzman, MD, as the company's chief medical officer.

The art of simplicity: How to streamline patient access and reduce staff burden?

Patients are demanding simpler care experiences. See how leading systems are meeting this expectation — while also reducing staff burden — here. 
  1. What's to blame for physician burnout? 5 survey stats

    In "Back From Burnout: Confronting the Post-pandemic Physician Turnover Crisis," an October report from the Medical Group Management Association and Jackson Physician Search, physicians were surveyed on where they think burnout comes from. 
  2. Dr. Julia Maltzman appointed chief medical officer of biotech company

    Julia Maltzman, MD, has been appointed chief medical officer of preclinical-stage cancer research biotechnology company IconOVir Bio. 
  3. Maine board withdraws allegations against physician who criticized early COVID-19 policies 

    Maine's state medical board has withdrawn some of the allegations against Ellsworth-based physician Meryl Nass, MD, who could lose her license for prescribing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to COVID-19 patients, The Washington Times reported Oct. 7. 
  4. How many med school graduates aren't matching to 1st-year residency programs

    Merritt Hawkins and AMN Healthcare laid out how many med school graduates aren't matching to residency programs in their report,  "Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives."

Managing Patient Throughput with AI: Unlocking Capacity

Managing patient throughput shouldn't still be a struggle in 2022. See how modern hospitals are cutting time to admission here.
  1. Arizona law takes effect, provides confidential peer support to physicians

    House Bill 2429, a law sponsored by the Arizona Medical Association that offers counseling and wellness options for physicians, took effect this fall in Arizona after receiving nearly unanimous legislative support, according to an Oct. 7 report from the American Medical Association. 
  2. 4 physician employment contract red flags 

    The American Medical Association laid out four red flags young physicians should keep an eye out for when signing employment contracts in an Oct. 6 blog post. 
  3. Dr. Andrew Concoff named Exagen's chief innovation officer

    Autoimmune testing solutions provider Exagen has named Andrew Concoff, MD, as its chief innovation officer. 
  4. 3 physicians join Upstream Bio's advisory team

    Massachusetts-based biotechnology company Upstream Bio has added three new physicians to its clinical advisory team. 

2 tech leaders on Orlando VA Medical Center's path to innovation

Don't force patients to navigate "hospital labyrinths" alone. See how Orlando VA Medical Center aims to reduce late appointments via a major wayfinding project here.
  1. Dr. Amar Desai to lead new CVS Health delivery organization

    CVS Health has appointed Amar Desai, MD, as president of its newly formed delivery organization.
  2. Physician bad behavior outside the workplace 

    In Medscape's 2022 "Physicians Behaving Badly" report, physicians laid out the worst behavior they have witnessed from colleagues outside of the workplace 
  3. Why med students are choosing their specialties 

    In its "Medical Student Lifestyle Report 2022," Medscape surveyed medical students on why they've chosen their specialties. 
  4. Banner Health hires Dr. Michael Kupferman

    Phoenix-based Banner Health has hired Michael Kupferman, MD, as senior vice president of physician enterprise.
  5. Dr. Adam Seidner joins Harvard Medtech Advisory Board

    Adam Seidner, MD, a medical policy developer with a focus on worker's compensation and disability management, has been added to Harvard MedTech's (Las Vegas) advisory board. 
  6. 4 ways healthcare leaders can prepare for future pandemics

    When COVID-19 hit the U.S. in 2020, many healthcare workers were unprepared for its effects, both physical and financial. According to an Oct. 5 report in Forbes written by Devin Jopp, EdD, CEO of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology, there are four steps leaders can take to prepare for future pandemics: 
  7. Xenetic Biosciences adds Dr. Allan Tsung to its board

    Biopharmaceutical company focusing on hard-to-treat cancers Xenetic Biosciences is adding Allan Tsung, MD, to its scientific advisory board.
  8. Physician shortages: Key stats to know

    Here are six stats on the physician shortages that leaders need to know:
  9. NFL Players Association dismisses neurologist who OK'd quarterback for gameplay following head injury

    The National Football League Players Association has dismissed a neurologist who approved Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for gameplay after he sustained a head injury in a Sept. 25 game against the Buffalo Bills, according to an Oct. 1 report from The New York Times. 

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